[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN)

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“Our entire bathroom equipment is TOTO product. They easily meet our needs.” Thank You Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower)


“ TOTO service is important.

Our entire bathroom equipment is TOTO product.

They easily meet our needs. ”


Thank you Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong

Design Manager, Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd.



[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN) 1

TOTO : Could you please tell us about yourself and your company?

Khun Sukrit: Hello. I’m Sukrit Anantachaiyong. I work for Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd. as the design manager, including a director of Thai Obayashi Design Co., Ltd. Actually, Thai Obayashi has been working on building design for a long time. We are experts in design, construction, and building maintenance for nearly 50 years.


TOTO : Could you please tell us about O-NES Tower?

Khun Sukrit : From our perspective, Sukhumvit is crowded with people. It is regarded as Bangkok’s CBD (Central Business District]. We therefore intend to create a natural building. It allows access to its natural front garden. We can also add more green space to Sukhumvit Road.  Our design concept is a workspace which is in the forest, called Urban Forest. We adapt several green building standards to make it happen in order to emphasize that we have a sustainability design concept. This building is half Thai-Japanese, and Japan pays attention to Universal Design. The building was created with everyone in mind. Since entering the O-NES tower, it’s not just for people with disabilities or elderly, but it is also designed for general people to use the space conveniently.


TOTO :  What are the criteria for choosing sanitary ware for your project?

Khun Sukrit: Our design strategies are 1. Use it first. Have we ever seen the real product? 2. Can we properly maintain it? The toilets used inside the project are wall-hung toilets. We leave the space under the toilet to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. It also allows easy-cleaning.


TOTO : How did you know TOTO?

Khun Sukrit : I have known TOTO since I started working for Thai Obayashi Corp., Ltd. On the material shelf, there are numerous materials. My seniors took me to the TOTO showroom when I knew about TOTO. When I saw numerous showrooms, I realized how much they have invested in their showroom. It implies that their brand has something special.


TOTO:  Could you please share with us your impression about TOTO toilets?

Khun Sukrit: One point is about branding. We want a half-breed building. When we talk about TOTO, we already know that it is a Japanese brand. Those who use the building already know that it is TOTO brand. Human scale and size, which we used to design, save more space and make it easier to use. They provide a wide s election of designs, sizes, and demonstrations. TOTO’s service is important. Our entire bathroom equipment is TOTO product. They easily meet our needs.


TOTO : Before we leave, what would you like to say to TOTO?

Khun Sukrit: I believe that the competition in the sanitary ware market was about to get more and more intense. Japanese people always say that “We will fight, we will not give up.”  I therefore hope TOTO will always keep this phrase in mind. I will always use high-quality TOTO products.




After listening to the interview of Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong, Design Manager, Thai Obayashi Corporation Ltd. who shared his experience about TOTO products which are installed inside the O-NES Tower, we would like to invite you to know about TOTO products that can provide hygiene and convenience to users.

[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN) 2

Picture: Wall Faced Toilet (For Flush Valve) Model CWT763FVPB


Wall Faced Toilet [For Flush Valve] Model CWT763FVPB is outstanding by its wide D-Shape toilet bowl. It allows you a relaxing sitting experience. The curved design makes the restroom atmosphere look soft. Installed together with the D-Shape automatic toilet seat model TCF6632TH that can be easily controlled by a side control panel. You can easily choose cleansing spray patterns which are REAR CLEANSING, REAR SOFT CLEANSING, FRONT CLEANSING. You can adjust the position of the smart wand and water pressure.

The comfortable automatic toilet seat is equipped with DEODORIZER, that automatically takes place inside the toilet bowl during use, leaving no disturbing odors. After using, WARM AIR DRYING with temperature control reduces the use of toilet paper. Additionally, the wall faced toilet is used with a toilet flush valve.

Automatic flushing system reduces the need for touching that provides convenience every time of use. Using only 4.8 liters of water per 1 flush, powerful streams of TORNADO FLUSH cleans inside the toilet bowl effectively which makes it saving water.

Inside Universal Design restrooms, it supports handrails and back rest to help users, whether they are general people, the disabled, the elderly, pregnant people, as well as all users. All people can use it comfortably and safely.

[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN) 3

Picture: Wall Hung Toilet (For Flush Valve] Model CWT822NJT1


O-NES Tower restrooms are equipped with Wall Hung Toilets (For Flush Valve] model CWT822NJT1. With its empty space between the toilet bowl and the floor allows it to be easy cleaning. Cleaning equipment can reach every spot conveniently and thoroughly, which minimizes the problem of dirt adhering firmly and also reduces the buildup of germs.  It is compatible with an ECO WASHER model TCW1211A. There are two water spray patterns to choose from: Rear Cleansing and Front Cleansing. In addition, a Soft Close toilet lid opens and closes softly. It helps prevent bumps and reduce accidents that may occur in the restrooms.

[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN) 4

Picture: Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor Model USWN900AE


Wall-hung Urinal model USWN900AE with built-in sensor flush valve, in addition to flushing automatically every time after use. It is also unique in its beautiful design and is guaranteed by world-class design awards such as the “iF Design Awards 2021”, the inner curved edge design reduces splashing while in use. CEFIONTECT coating is applied to keep the ceramics shiny and with the thoughtful design in accordance with Universal Design principles, this TOTO urinal is also suitable for young users.

[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sukrit Anantachaiyong (O-NES Tower) (EN) 5



Faucets in public toilets tend to harbor dirt and bacteria. TOUCHLESS FAUCET has a miniature sensor at their tip that makes it possible to release water precisely comfortable to use without touching. It works with TOUCHLESS SOAP DISPENSER model DSE101E reduces exposure in public areas which are used by a large number of users. It is suitable for the New Normal era.


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For anyone interested in TOTO products please contact TOTO TECHNICAL CENTER BANGKOK.

⏰ Mon. – Fri. 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.

☎️ 02-117-9520


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