The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms

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The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms to enhance the ultimate hygiene. To meet the needs of all generations in the New Normal era.

 The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 1

The Mall Thapra has a new look and is ready for full service this December under the customer-centric concept to meet the lifestyle of every generation, equipped with automatic products to reduce exposure from TOTO brand that enhances the bathroom area to be hygienic for a New Normal lifestyle.

Due to plans to rebrand and renovate the department store, which takes a total of 5 years with a budget of more than 20 billion baht after the successful rebranding of The Mall Ngamwongwan previously so The Mall Group continues to move forward to rebranding. The latest is a new transformation from “The Mall Thapra” to “The Mall LifeStore Thapra” under the concept “A HAPPY PLACE TO LIVE LIFE: Happy life for every family”, which is the success of the new retail model “NEW HYBRID RETAIL FOR URBAN LIVING”. For a new look of the Mall LifeStore Thapra this time, it’s been a major renovation in 32 years after the first opened in 1989, with a budget of 3,000 million baht, a total revolution in all areas, every element, every design, and all design concept to be the center of life for everyone in one place, on a total area of ​​more than 150,000 square meters, emphasizing on design and decoration under the concept of “URBAN PLAYGROUND”, in order to create a space of fun and happiness in every lifestyle for everyone in the family, whether eating, shopping, chilling or entertainment can be completed in one place for a happier quality of life.

The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 2

Ms. Maythinee Suvarnapunya, Chief Project Development Officer of The Mall Group, revealed that “Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, affects the lives of people very much causing everyone to start paying more attention to the issue of hygiene, especially hygiene in public areas such as toilets in shopping malls because it is inevitable to share the bathroom with others which The Mall Group places great emphasis on every detail, including the toilet space. We must choose quality sanitary ware that raises hygiene standards and reduce touch anxiety. Moreover, the important thing in this era of COVID-19, choosing automatic products with technology is essential. We also trust in TOTO brand because it is the number 1 sanitary ware brand from Japan and there are automatic products that meet the needs of our department stores.”

The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 3

TOTO Group Co., Ltd. has been a leader in innovation and technology in toilet and bathroom accessories for over 100 years or the No. 1 brand of sanitary ware in Japan. TOTO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. currently has 3 factories and one of them is a factory for automatic toilet seat “WASHLET” which is a product that is a memory of the modern Japanese toilet culture. Every production process is controlled under strict standards, with 100% inspection of every product to give users confidence and trust in the superior quality.

The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 4

Mr. Takayasu Shimada, President of TOTO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that the company realizes the importance of hygiene in the toilet and bathroom as the first priority along with the desire to operate the business according to the vision of the company’s founder. Therefore, product and technology development must be comprehensive and meet the needs of users in all aspects. Including a commitment to follow the important goals of the Restroom Revolution as announced in 2020, one of them is the renovation of toilet spaces in various places. So that using the bathroom is more than just a defecation area but it is truly enhancing the quality of life.

The Mall Thapra is a famous department store that has been popular for a long time. After the renovation to meet the new lifestyle and reach more consumers including the selection of automatic products from TOTO, which shows the concern for the health of the customers as well. For TOTO products, there are a lot of products with many technologies, whether in terms of cleanliness and completely comfort make every user feel impressed every time they use it, and that’s our main aim to make the toilet space as a place that provides a hygienic and comfortable experience for everyone,” said Mr. Takayasu Shimada.

The Mall Thapra has used many models of TOTO automatic products. The CWT763FVPB floor-standing toilet with sensor flush valve, USWN900AE wall-mounted urinal with sensor flush valve, and the TEN12ENK-EC TOUCHLESS FAUCET allows users to feel super comfortable every time they use it.

The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 5

CWT763FVPB floor-standing toilet with sensor flush valve, inside of the toilet bowl is coated with CEFIONTECT which is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Using no chemicals or cleaning agents. TORNADO FLUSH, a flushing system that the flush water that can be swirled 360 degrees thoroughly the toilet bowl and also contributes to water-saving which is sustainable environmental protection because it uses only 4.8 liters of water per one flush. Moreover, when use with a sensor flush valve, users no longer need to worry about touching the lever or flush button anymore.

The Mall collaborates with TOTO to revolutionize restrooms 6

Wall-hung Urinal model USWN900AE with built-in sensor flush valve, in addition to flushing automatically every time after use. It is also unique in its beautiful design is guaranteed by world-class design awards such as the “iF Design Awards 2021”, the inner curved edge design reduces splashing while in use. CEFIONTECT coating is applied to keep the ceramics shiny and with the thoughtful design in accordance with Universal Design principles, this TOTO urinal is also suitable for young users.

ก๊อกน้ำเซ็นเซอร์ รุ่น TEN12ENK-EC

Faucets in public toilets tend to harbor dirt and bacteria. The TEN12ENK-EC TOUCHLESS FAUCET has a miniature sensor at their tip that make it possible to release water precisely comfortable to use without touching. It also has ECOPOWER technology, which is a system where the faucet can generate its own energy without the need for electricity. This makes TOTO’s TOUCHLESS FAUCET not only safe and hygienic, but also reflects an environmentally conscious design concept. This is an important mission that TOTO has always used in business.

After the grand opening of The Mall LifeStore Thapra on December 2, 2021, The Mall Group revealed about the response that “Even during the COVID-19 situation but we sincerely hope that when the measures to open the country and people get vaccinated more and more, the traffic of people visiting the mall will be higher than previous years. And the Mall Group also hopes to be a part of creating a good experience for a happy life of everyone in the family, according to the concept of LIVE A PLAYFUL LIFE Thapra Thamai, a fun lifestyle of The Mall LifeStore. The new-look of The Mall Thapra will receive a great response from customers and will be a destination that brings happiness to customers of all generations in the Thonburi area. The goal is to have 15 million customers coming this year which will grow by 30% compared to the period before the mall was renovated,” concluded Ms. Maythinee Suvarnapunya

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