[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Pumin Piyavanich

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“Importantly, I have used it for 10 years without any problems. TOTO is the number one brand in my mind.” by Khun Pumin



[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Pumin Piyavanich #review


ความประทับใจ คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์

❝ As of today, right now, I think TOTO is the best.

Importantly, I have used it for 10 years without any problems.

TOTO is the number one brand in my mind. ❞


Thank you Khun Pumin Piyavanich






TOTO: Could you please tell us about your business?


Khun Pumin: Now, I have a French Restaurant named Lyon on Soi Ruamrudee. I have been doing this business for 30 years. Moreover, I have the hotel called The Quarter under the management of UHG. There are about 13 locations in Bangkok. Some hotels are mixed-use projects which include hotel, office, and retail in the same building. We also have the cheeses shop located in the Mall Group, which sells imported cheeses from all over the world. In addition to import fruits and vegetables that can be purchased at Gourmet Market in the Mall Group.


TOTO:  What are your ways to run your business?


Khun Pumin: I would say that all businesses must take the service as a priority to achieve customer satisfaction. When customers come to us, they may expect that we will be a good service provider. Good service means what they appreciate. How much do they like it? It depends on how they feedback us. If customers come back to us again, it would show that they are very fond of our service. In my opinion, offering good service to customers is very important.


บ้าน คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์

TOTO: What are the criteria for choosing sanitary ware for your home?


Khun Pumin: Actually, I love comfortable life and staying at home with a great atmosphere. My home should be good-quality. At present, I live in a detached house located beside the Chao Phraya river. I think a good home should make us feel happy. Moreover, it would be hygiene. I think that cleanliness is an important factor because it affects our health. A clean house offers family members healthy lives. For the restroom, I can tell you that cleanliness must come first. The clean bathroom should install a clean and good-quality toilet. It must be so hygienic and beautiful that you would like to use it. I care about anything related to the bathroom. Cleanliness is the most important thing to me.


วิวระเบียง บ้าน คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์



Khun Pumin: I have the opportunity to go abroad often, especially to Japan. When I visited Japan, the most impressive thing was the clean toilet. I love an automatic toilet seat with a smart wand called WASHLET. There is TOTO company in Thailand, so I can contact them to buy products. Their installation service is excellent.


ห้องน้ำ คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์

Therefore, most of the bathroom equipment in my home must be TOTO brand. I think that TOTO is the best quality sanitary ware. Importantly, I have used it for 10 years without any problems. I can say that TOTO is the leader in sanitary ware brands.


TOTO: Before we leave, what would you like to say to audiences?


Khun Pumin: When I use high-quality products, one thing that comes to my mind is thankfulness to manufacturers. I appreciate them. Even if we have enough money to afford it,It doesn’t mean that you can buy it and it’s over. I would like to thank the manufacturers who produced the best products.I feel happy and comfortable while using it. When we talk about the toilet, I would say that… As of today, right now, I think TOTO is the best. TOTO is the number one brand in my mind.





After listening to the interview of Khun Pumin who shared his experience about TOTO, we would like to invite you to know TOTO automatic toilet seat – WASHLET that has been installed at his house.

สุขภัณฑ์ คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์

Photo: An automatic toilet seat – WASHLET


The automatic toilet seat, comes with a smart wand. It allows you to choose a variety of spray patterns such as REAR CLEANSING, REAR SOFT CLEANSING, FRONT CLEANSING, including OSCILLATING CLEANSING that ensures thorough cleansing of the entire area. You can easily set the wand position, water temperature and water pressure according to your preference.


ฝารองนั้งอัตโนมัติ คุณ ภูมินทร์ ปิยะวานิชย์

Apart from the wellness cleansing, TOTO WASHLET provides you with various comfortable functions. The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins rapidly warming to a comfortable temperature. Highly effective deodorizing automatically takes place inside the toilet bowl during use. After using, WARM AIR DRYING helps reduce the use of toilet paper. All functions are easily controlled by a control panel.


The bathroom is important because you have to use it every day, especially the toilet which is considered as an indispensable bathroom equipment. Therefore, choosing the easy-cleaning toilet that has technologies and convenience functions for your family members will enhance your relaxing moment in the bathroom more than ever.


View TOTO Products


For anyone interested in TOTO products please contact TOTO TECHNICAL CENTER BANGKOK.

⏰  Mon. – Fri. 08.00 – 17.00 hrs.

☎️ 02-117-9520



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