TOTO LTD. will be participating in ISH 2021, The world’s biggest international fair

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The World's Biggest International Fair Participating in ISH 2021 (Digital Event). A Proposal for Clean and Convenient Living in the New Normal with TOTO CLEANOVATION

TOTO LTD. (Headquartered in Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka; President: Noriaki Kiyota) will be participating in the world’s biggest international fair specializing in bath, toilet, building, indoor heating, air conditioning, and renewable energy, International Sanitary and Heating 2021 (hereinafter, “ISH”) (March 22-26, 2021*1). ISH has been held in Germany (Frankfurt) every other year, but due to the current global spread of Covid-19, it will be entirely digital this year. TOTO has participated a total of 7 times since the first time in 2009.

ISH 2021 has as its top theme solutions that can meet the growing expectations for sanitation around the world in the context of the spread of Covid-19.

In line with our corporate message Life Anew*2, TOTO proposes “clean, sanitary, and comfortable habits” that only TOTO can realize, doing so by innovating with the clean technologies we have been continuously working on since our founding.

Our main concept TOTO CLEANOVATION*3 comes with the 3 representative values “WASHLET”*4, CLEAN SYNERGY, and TOUCHLESS and conveys “comfort, cleanliness, and peace of mind” for not just the toilet but all kitchen and bathroom areas, accompanied by TOTO technology and products.

For our product presentation, we display the latest in plumbing products that also fit bathroom spaces all over the world, sophisticatedly combining design and technology. We will be announcing new products like the pinnacle of TOTO toilets, SMART TOILET NEOREST, the wall-hung toilet GP + WASHLET RG, and the TOUCHLESS FAUCET. Moreover, making the most of the digital setting, you can experience the feeling of being in an actual booth with 3D walkthrough. Enjoy the residential and hotel spaces suggested by TOTO, consisting of products that sophisticatedly combine design and technology.


If you have not yet visited the TOTO special website, please take a look.



ISH 2021

*1: Central European Time
*2: The TOTO Group’s worldwide corporate message “Life Anew” was added as English rendering in October 2017
*3: A neologism that takes “CLEAN” and “INNOVATION” as its motifs.
*4:“WASHLET” and “WASHLET logo” are trademark or registered trademark of TOTO LTD.

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition name ………. ISH 2021(International Sanitary and Heating)
Duration ………. March 22 (Mon)-26 (Fri), 2021
*Central European Time
Main organizer ………. Messe Frankfurt
Mode ………. Digital (virtual) event *first time for ISH
ISH 2021 official website: (English)
<Reference: ISH 2019 data> Venue………Messe Frankfurt, Germany Participating companies…2,551 Visitors…190,000


Exhibit Contents

TOTO portal site will have an exhibit that uses a variety of devices to let as many as possible know about TOTO CLEANOVATION. From there, you can go to the dedicated website where you can enjoy a rich variety of contents expressed with the kind of diversity that only the digital can provide, include a video where an MC presents our exhibit concept, 360-degree product introductions, and a space introduction with a 3D walkthrough where you can switch products around.





ISH 2021


The spread of Covid-19 has increased global awareness about people’s sanitation and cleanliness, thus generating new habits. At ISH 2021, we explain how the concept TOTO CLEANOVATION has been further developed so that TOTO’s clean technology can support safe and comfortable living for our customers, centering on WASHLET (comfort), CLEAN SYNERGY (cleanliness), and TOUCHLESS (peace of mind).


ISH 2021


WASHLET was created in Japan in 1980 and is cultivating the world a living culture of “washing, not wiping.” 40 years since its launch, a total of 53 million had been sold as of April 2020. People all over the world are coming to recognize this toilet culture that started in Japan.

At ISH, we will present the “clean and comfortable lifestyle” that WASHLET brings about, along with WASHLET-derived motto “Let’s Wash.”

We are presenting the appeal of WASHLET and the reasons for its various amenities, such as its washing

power, comfort, and warm seat and deodorizing function for pleasant toilet visits.


ISH 2021


TOTO’s toilet technology is not just a collection of individual superb technologies but work together to synergize and keep the toilet clean every time you use it. We refer to those synergetic effects taken together as CLEAN SYNERGY.

We provide an easy-to-understand introduction of the CLEAN SYNERGY realized by TOTO toilet bowl and WASHLET through our CLEAN Technology:

loosen the dirt (PREMIST), moving the dirt (CEFIONTECT), washing away the waste (TORNADO FLUSH), disinfection (EWATER+) as

well as Clean Design: RIMLESS, which pays attention to cleanliness in addition to design.


ISH 2021


This is TOUCHLESS technology that almost entirely removes the need to touch the facilities when using the toilet and other things in the bathroom areas.

TOUCHLESS means peace of mind derived from not touching and is something we want to realize around the toilet, the sink, and all bathroom spaces.

Opening and closing the lid, washing the bowl, and other functions when using the toilet are done automatically, and you can wash your hands by turning the water and soap on and off without touching anything.

Through TOUCHLESS, TOTO is realizing a peace of mind that is not just cleanliness but also ease of use for everyone.

At ISH 2021, we present TOTO’s determination by highlighting the TOUCHLESS FAUCET that contributes to touchless handwashing, the need for which is garnering attention across the world.



Exhibit Products

You will be able to experience all the benefits we are offering our customers to enrich life, such as cleanliness, design, and comfort that increases with every use, as if you are actually seeing and touching them by using a diverse range of digital expressions.


ISH 2021

NEOREST NX as the highest model in the SMART TOILET NEOREST series, along with the full NEOREST LE/AH/RH/DH lineup.

For combinations of WASHLET and toilet bowl, we have the first appearances of WASHLET RG (new product) and wall- hung toilet bowl GP (new product).

The compact WASHLET RG is characterized by a simple design that blends in anywhere. EWATER+, the representative CLEAN SYNERGY, comes as default. It further adds variability to the clean and comfortable restroom space.

You won’t be able to actually touch the products at this ISH, but the 360-degree digital contents allows you to look at the products from any angle you want and check their various functions.


We exhibit our globally unified model of faucet, which went on

sale in 2019. The three aspects of “beauty, pleasantness, peace of mind” are realized through the various technologies equipped, while diverse variations in form, color, and finish make them ideal for bathroom spaces all over the world where high design quality is key, thus earning them an excellent reputation as a product series that you choose from with excitement and fun.

For the first time, we are adding the 10 series of the TOUCHLESS FAUCETS (new products) to our globally unified model of faucets. This product is drawing attention across the world for realizing hygiene and cleanliness for the new normal. The range of selections has increased as we bring together the faucets and design tastes launched in 2019.

We have improved the design quality of the faucet itself by installing a compact sensor by the spout to realize high-performance and comfortable usability. Moreover, besides TOUCHLESS FAUCET’s excellent benefit of saving water by eliminating the risk of leaving the water running, it has the function ECOPOWER that lets it generate and accumulate power by itself using the momentum of the water used. We also care about reducing the burden on the environment through functions like ECOCAP, which is a water-saving technology that increases the aeration ratio and realizes pleasant hand-washing at low flow rates (approx. 2L/min).

We are proposing total washroom spaces by combining the 10 series of the TOUCHLESS FAUCETS and the similarly designed 3 series (round/rectangle/gooseneck) of automatic soap dispensers with matching washbasins.


ISH 2021

TOUCHLESS FAUCETS, globally unified models

*To go on sale in spring 2021 or later (excl. Japanese market for some products)



Space Exhibit

The products that realizes TOTO CLEANOVATION through high levels of cleanliness and hygiene are well-designed and contribute to beautiful spaces that effortlessly blend in with general bathrooms all over the world (spaces that combine shower, bathtub, wash basin, toilet).

You will be able to see our space exhibit, which has been popular at past ISHs, in a moving virtual space that makes the most of the digital presentation.

We offer four residential spaces with different design tastes and sizes. We offer hotel spaces that are centered around the bathroom and toilet area, including the bathroom space of the compatibly designed common area and living room.

You will be able to enter the virtual space and see things from all angles as well as switch facilities and colors by yourself, thus allowing you to make full use of the digital presentation and explore a variety of design spaces.


ISH 2021

Residential bathroom spaces (4 types)


ISH 2021

Bathroom spaces for hotels (3 types)


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