“TOTO” shows off WASHLET factory in thailand with innovative machines.

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Release new model of WASHLET which is made in Thailand.

“TOTO” starts operating WASHLET Factory in Thailand (Saraburi)

with the investment of 1,073 million baht. The building area is estimated 49,000 square meters. Production capacity is 450,000 pieces per year. TOTO releases new model of WASHLET which is made in Thailand with Japan quality.

Takayasu Shimada (TOTO President) 2020

Mr. Takayasu Shimada – the president of TOTO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which is the leading manufacturer of sanitary wares that are equipped with attractive design and advanced technologies – announces that “TOTO” has been the leader of innovations and technologies of sanitary wares for over 100 years and TOTO sales has been continuously growing. Nowadays, cumulative shipments of WASHLET, sold by TOTO Ltd., surpassed 50 million units. This can ensure our success in promoting the spread of WASHLET across the world.

According to TOTO vision that we pursued the path of technologies in order to create the most perfect quality of life and the ultimate comfort for all users through using an automatic toilet seat – WASHLET. TOTO group has invested to build the factory in Thailand for increasing WASHLET production capabilities. With 1,073 million baht of investment, the WASHLET Factory was established in Nong Khae, Saraburi, in the building area of 49,000 square meters. Located in the same industrial estate which is far from the Factory No. 1 and the Factory No. 2 about 5 minutes by car. The WASHLET factory was constructed in May 2018, and finished in May 2019. The factory started production in July 2019. It was expected to produce 450,000 pieces a year.

Recently, TOTO group has 5 WASHLET factories which 2 factories are located in Japan, and the others are located abroad. There are Malaysia, China, including Thailand.

The automatic machines are used in the WASHLET Factory in order to improve production efficacy. The advanced machines are accurate and effective, for example, installing the air condition in the WASHLET assembly area, and installing automatic WASHLET test machines. That would decrease human errors of the staff during the checking process. TOTO products are checked 100% of every single piece in order to ensure that we provide our customers the most high-quality products.

Apart from providing high quality products and advanced technologies, TOTO announces the purpose to revolutionize the culture of using toilet called “RESTROOM REVOLUTION”. We truly believe that a good restroom does not depend on the comfortable toilet or only the elegant design, but it depends on every single detail. TORNADO FLUSH – powerful flushing system which washes 360° inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl using less water. No water splashes out can reduces bacteria and the stain which cause the disturbing odors. RIMLESS helps you clean the toilet bowl easier. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Using no chemicals or cleaning agents, EWATER+ washes the wand and toilet bowl where waste and bacteria tend to accumulate and produce stains that can become permanent. All hygienic technologies were meticulously developed to enhance your normal daily routines and your quality of life to be more perfect.

Hiroki Fujimura (WASHLET Plant Manager) (800 x 1200)

Mr. Hiroki Fujimura – Manager of WASHLET Division and the specialist of WASHLET of TOTO (Thailand) co., Ltd. Announces that TOTO had invented, developed and distributed WASHLET for 40 years. As no.1 sanitary ware brand from Japan, this can ensure that our products are trusted by many people.

TOTO releases new model of WASHELT which is made from WASHLET factory in Thailand, under the strict production standards of Japan as well.

The automatic toilet seat – WASHLET model TCF6041TH comes with 4 models of close coupled toilet which are CST767UW1, CST920UW1, CST230UW1, CST340UW1. The new product was developed based on users’ need in all aspects such as cleanliness, wellness, design, comfort, hospitality, including sustainability that is one of the most important policies.

WASHLET model TCF6041TH is equipped with technologies and filled with standard functions: TORNADO FLUSH, RIMLESS, CEFIONTECT, Self-Cleaning Wand, DEODORIZER, HEATED SEAT, various spray patterns. All of these are easily control by a side control panel to offer users the greater comfort and satisfaction.

“We would like to provide the convenience of using the automatic toilet seat – WASHLET to Thai people and would like Thai people to realize the importance of the good and hygiene toilet usage. TOTO’s duty and social responsibility are to offer customers the best quality of life. Everyone in TOTO company deeply keeps this powerful vision in mind for over 100 years of experience.” said Mr. Takayasu Shimada



About TOTO

TOTO Ltd. was established in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is Japan’s first and biggest sanitary product manufacturer in Japan. For over 100 years, TOTO is accepted as manufacture of technologically advanced and well-designed products that enhances bathroom luxurious experience. TOTO has dedicated its product research and development to meet people’s need and product that are environmentally sustainable. The company’s philosophy is to create an enriched and comfortable lifestyle, fulfilled with excellent service for everyone in the world. Thus, every employee abides by this philosophy from Owner, engineering and designing to selling process to ensure that TOTO brand will provide innovation and technologies that will improve customer’s quality of living. TOTO has won numerous domestic as well as international awards and is widely accepted worldwide. The company will continue to uplift the industry standard and hopes that customers will continue to enjoy TOTO technology in the bathroom. TOTO believes that high-quality products will create new experience and enhances customers’ lifestyle.



TOTO Factories information


WASHLET manufacturing abroad (since 1997)

May     1997    Started production at WASHLET factory in Malaysia, TOTO MALAYSIA SDN.BHD.

* Now called TOTOKIKI (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD. (change in 2008).

May     1999    Started production at WASHLET factory in China, TOTO (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.

* Now called TOTOKIKI (SHANGHAI) Co.,Ltd. (change in 2007)

July     2019   Started production at WASHLET factory in TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

โรงงานฝารองนั่งอัตโนมัติ WASHLET TOTO

Picture: Exterior of The WASHLET Factory of TOTO (Thailand)


History of TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

November 2009      TOTO MANUFACTURING (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TMT) established in Saraburi.

October      2013      Sales office established in Bangkok.

July             2015      Company name changed to TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

March         2017      Opened TOTO Technical Center Bangkok.

May            2017      TOTO (THAILAND) the No.2 Factory was established in Saraburi.

May            2018      TOTO (THAILAND) WASHLET Factory was established in Saraburi.

April            2019      Started manufacturing at the No.2 Factory in TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

July            2019      Started manufacturing at WASHLET Factory in TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

February    2020      The grand opening ceremony of WASHLET factory of TOTO (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.


TOTO (Thailand)The WASHLET Factory

Manufactured product“WASHLET” and others.
Investment3,700,000,000 JPY or 1,073,000,000 THB (1 JPY = 0.29 THB, 24/4/18)
Factory informationArea: est. 49,000 sqm.

Building for machine installing: est. 18,000 sqm. (total area)

Production capability: est. 450,000 pieces/year


TOTO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Company nameTOTO (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd.
PresidentTakayasu Shimada
BusinessManufacture and distribute products
Address77 Moo 5, T.Nong Plamor, A.Nongkhae, Saraburi, Thailand 18140
AreaEst. 100,000 sqm. *excluding The WASHLET Factory



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