“WASHLET” Certified as the World’s No. 1 Brand TOTO Invested 1 Billion to Build the 3rd Factory in Thailand

TOTO LTD. has been verified by Euromonitor International Ltd., the world's leading independent provider of strategic market research, that “Washlet is the world's No.1 brand of electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2016”. For this reason, TOTO has invested 1,073 million baht in building the 3rd factory in Thailand to emphasize on manufacturing WASHLET. Moreover, TOTO has introduced new product; “WASHLET+” to meet users’ needs, and to assure that the company has been a leading innovator in sanitary ware technology for over 100 years.

Mr.Hiroyuki Suzuki, president of TOTO (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributer of a world-class innovative and modern design sanitary products, remarks that the company has been a leading innovator in sanitary ware technology for over 100 years and continuously gives importance to product development. According to the research by Euromonitor International Ltd., the international market research company, “Washlet is the world’s No.1 brand of electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2016”. This research certainly ensures TOTO’s success in distributing innovative sanitary products.

Recently, WASHLET market has been expanding rapidly worldwide especially in Asia and USA, so the company has invested 1,073 million baht in building the 3rd factory in Thailand to emphasize on manufacturing WASHLET.

In order to build this new factory, TOTO has gathered new technologies and skills to develop and make the manufacturing more effective such as an LED lighting system, and installing the air condition in the resin-casting area.  Moreover, the 3rd factory emphasize on reusing drained water from the factory, and installing tunnel kilns that saves more energy and mass produce. All of the policies mentioned will be implemented according to TOTO Global Environmental Vision that was established in 2014.

The 3rd factory will begin construction in May 2018 and start its operations in April 2020 with production capability of 420,000 pieces per year. Recently, TOTO group has 5 WASHLET factories which 2 factories are in Japan, and the others are located abroad (including the new factory in Thailand).

The investment of constructing the 3rd factory is TOTO GROUP’s strategy that plan to expand the global market through WASHLET from 2018 onwards.

Furthermore, TOTO has launched new product, WASHLET+. To meet customers’ needs, “WASHLET+” is designed perfectly. The major design evolutions in WASHLET+ is that all connecting pipes and cords are hidden to eliminate unnecessary visual noise from beautifully-designed spaces. Not only the outside look, but TOTO also adopted a simple design with curves for the inside of the toilet seat. The result is a shape that resists collecting debris and is easy to clean when it does. In addition, three innovative technologies form clean synergy create a new sense of cleanliness. Firstly, TORNADO FLUSH not only cleans more effectively, it does so quietly using less water. Powerful streams of water merge and swirl 360 degrees, washing every spot inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Finally, EWATER+ or electrolyzed water can remove waste, even bacteria that can not see. Apart from clean synergy technologies, WASHLET+ has all functions to provide greatest comfort for customers.

At present, TOTO has established a business connection to introduce the idea of high value added products and increase TOTO product usage in well-known real estate projects.

In March 2017, TOTO opened TOTO Technical Center Bangkok, a showroom that targets professional clients and clients in the real estate industry, including developers and designers whom are responsible for the real estate upper market in Southeast Asia.

Interested visitors are welcome to make advanced booking to visit TOTO Technical Center Bangkok at 12th floor, G Tower Grand Rama 9, via telephone 02 117 9520. For more information visit th.toto.com



About TOTO

TOTO Ltd. was established in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is Japan’s first and biggest sanitary product manufacturer in Japan. For over 100 years, TOTO is accepted as manufacture of technologically advanced and well-designed products that enhances bathroom luxurious experience. TOTO has dedicated its product research and development to meet people’s need and product that are environmentally sustainable. The company’s philosophy is to create an enriched and comfortable lifestyle, fulfilled with excellent service for everyone in the world. Thus, every employee abide by this philosophy from Owner, engineering and designing to selling process to ensure that TOTO brand will provide innovation and technologies that will improve customer’s quality of living. TOTO has won numerous domestic as well as international awards and is widely accepted worldwide. The company will continue to uplift the industry standard and hopes that customers will continue to enjoy TOTO technology in the bathroom. TOTO believes that high-quality products will create new experience and enhances customers’ lifestyle.



The 3rd Factory

“WASHLET<small>™</small>” Certified as the World’s No. 1 Brand  TOTO Invested 1 Billion to Build the 3rd Factory in Thailand 1

Picture: Exterior of TOTO (Thailand)’s Factory 3 (unofficial name)


WASHLET manufacturing abroad (since 1997)

May 1997 start production at WASHLET factory in Malaysia, TOTO MALAYSIA SDN.BHD.
*Now called TOTOKIKI (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD. (change in 2008).
May 1999 start production at WASHLET factory in China, TOTO (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD.
* Now called TOTOKIKI (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. (change in 2007)



November 2009 TOTO MANUFACTURING (Thailand) CO.,LTD. (TMT) established in Saraburi.
October 2013 Sales office established in Bangkok.
July 2015 Company name changed to TOTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD
March 2017 Opened TOTO Technical Center Bangkok.
May 2017 TOTO (THAILAND)’s factory 2 established in Saraburi.


TOTO (Thailand)’s Factory 3 (unofficial name)

Manufactured product “WASHLET” and others.
Investment 3,700,000,000 JPY or 1,073,000,000 THB (1 JPY = 0.29 THB, 24/4/61)
Factory information Area: est. 49,000 sqm.

Building for machine installing: est. 18,000 sqm. (total area)

Production capability: est. 450,000 pieces/year

TOTO (Thailand)

Company name TOTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
President Hiroyuki Suzuki
Business Manufacture and distribute products
Address 77 Moo 5 HSIL Industrial Zone, T.Nong Plamor, A.Nongkhae, Saraburi, Thailand 18140
Area Est. 100,000 sqm. *excluding TOTO (Thailand)’s Factory 3


TOTO Global Environmental Vision

The TOTO Group has formulated the Global Environmental Vision to deepen its activities to tackle environmental and social issues in regions around the world. TOTO chooses to counter those problems using 6 methods. TOTO will also develop know-hows of conserving water that has been cultivated over many years since the company’s foundation and devoted to preserve the environmental resources.


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