TOTO starts operating WASHLET Factory in Thailand

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TOTO" reinforces its leadership as the No. 1 WASHLET - an electric toilet seat. Starts operating WASHLET Factory in Thailand for supporting high-end market.

TOTO” starts operating WASHLET Factory in Saraburi with the investment of 1,073 million baht. The building area is estimated 49,000 square meters. Emphasizes on manufacturing WASHLET in order to support market needs. Production capacity is 450,000 pieces per year. Guarantees the world No.1 WASHLET.

Grand Opening TOTO Factory WASHLET

Mr. Takayasu Shimada – the president of TOTO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. which is the leading manufacturer of sanitary wares that are equipped with attractive design and advanced technologies – announces that “TOTO” has been the leader of innovations and technologies of sanitary wares for over 100 years and TOTO sales has been continuously growing. According to the research by Euromonitor International Ltd., the international market research company, verified that “WASHLET is the world’s No.1 brand of electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2018.”[1] Nowadays, cumulative shipments of WASHLET, sold by TOTO Ltd., surpassed 50 million units. This can ensure our success in promoting the spread of WASHLET across the world.

According to the medium term plan; “TOTO WILL2022”, TOTO group expects to export WASHLET all over the world. Since WASHLET market has been expanding rapidly worldwide especially in Asia and USA, TOTO group has invested to build the factory in Thailand for increasing production capabilities. With 1,073 million baht of investment, the WASHLET Factory or the Factory No. 3 was established in Nong Khae, Saraburi, in the building area of 49,000 square meters. Located in the same industrial estate which is far from the Factory No. 1 and the Factory No. 2 about 5 minutes by car.


The WASHLET Factory was built in May 2018 and finished construction in May 2019. The factory started manufacturing in July 2019. It targets to operate 9 hours per day with production capacity of 450,000 pieces per year.

The automatic machines are used in the WASHLET Factory in order to improve production efficacy. The advanced machines are accurate and effective, for example, installing the air condition in the WASHLET assembly area, and installing automatic WASHLET test machines. That would decrease human errors of the staff during the checking process.

TOTO group expects Thailand to be the largest sources of production in ASEAN with high quality products from the factory that will be accepted both quality and world standard concerned every step. In addition, they must be passed TOTO standardization that is more difficult than any standard around the world, under deep control and verification especially TOTO products checking 100% of every single piece in order to ensure that we provide our customers the most high-quality products.

Recently, TOTO group has 5 WASHLET factories which 2 factories are located in Japan, and the others are located abroad (including the WASHLET factory in Thailand).

In the grand opening ceremony of the WASHLET Factory which was held on February 18, 2020, 150 honored guests and dealers have joined. Moreover, TOTO (Thailand) was honored by Mr.Plak Thepparagsa, Nongkhae District Chief, Saraburi, for being the guests in the ceremony.

Grand Opening TOTO Factory WASHLET

TOTO group has a desire to revolutionize sanitary world. Elegant design is harmoniously combined with intelligent functions and advanced innovations. NEOREST – a luxury and beautiful integrated toilet – which is equipped with advanced technologies to provide users the greatest comfort. All models are extraordinary in flushing system called TORNADO FLUSH which washes 360° inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl using less water. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Using no chemicals or cleaning agents, EWATER+ washes the wand and toilet bowl where waste and bacteria tend to accumulate and produce stains that can become permanent. In addition, there are hospitality functions such as AUTO OPEN / CLOSE LID, soft light, and AUTO FLUSH. All functions are easily controlled by remote control.

In addition, an electric toilet seat or WASHLET which was developed meticulously to meet users’ need in every detail. Our extraordinary product is loaded with amenities that bring comfort and ease to daily life such as cleansing wand, DEODORIZER, WARM AIR DRYING and HEATED SEAT. Inviting features turn the daily ritual into a time of relaxation and harmony.

TOTO is confident that Thailands potential is continuously growing. In 2019, TOTO groups global sales is 168,500 million baht. Sales proportion is; Japan = 124,400 million baht, overseas = 37,700 million baht, and new business domains = 6,400 million baht. In the past 2019, TOTO (Thailand) net sales has growth 27% to be compared with 2018 as plan. In this 2020, TOTO Thailand targets to grow not less than 20% per annum.”

Grand Opening TOTO Factory WASHLET

[1] *Footnote: Source: Euromonitor International Limited; in terms of sales volume, based on the custom research conducted in July – September 2019 in the countries that account for more than 87 % share of the global electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2018.

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