TOTO No.2 Factory in Thailand starts operating.

Show off the No.2 factory and release 3 new models of NEOREST – luxury and smart toilet series.

Shows off technologies to guarantee the world class sanitary ware brand.
Invested 2,800 million baht, TOTO shows off the no.2 factory in Saraburi. Production capacity is 420,000 pieces per year. Shows off automation machines which are accurate and effective. Greenovation that is environmentally friendly. Releases 3 new models of NEOREST Series and 4 new models of WASHLET+ combined with elegant design, advanced innovations and intelligent functions to revolutionize sanitary wares world. To emphasize No.1 world class leading manufacturer of sanitary wares.

Mr.Hiroyuki Suzuki – the president of TOTO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which is leading manufacturer of sanitary wares that are equipped with attractive design and advanced technologies – announces that “TOTO” has been the leader of innovations and technologies of sanitary wares for over 100 years. Since TOTO sales has been continuously growing, TOTO invested 2,800 million baht in building the no.2 factory at Saraburi to increase production capacity for domestic market, Asia, and America. The factory emphasizes on manufacturing sanitary wares and also assembling WASHLET for supporting high-end market. The no.2 factory began construction in May, 2017. It starts operating in April, 2019. The no.2 factory targets to operate 24 hours per 6 days per week. Its production capacity is 420,000 pieces per year.

Located beside the first factory in Nong Khae, Saraburi, the no.2 factory area is 68,000 square meters. The automation machines are used in the sanitary wares production. The advanced machines are accurate and effective, for example, high pressure casting machines which make the casting process more stable than the conventional process, and production line automatization which makes the operation uncomplicated.

TOTO group expects Thailand to be the largest sources of production in ASEAN with high quality products from the factory that will be accepted both quality and world standard concerned every step. In addition, they must be passed TOTO standardization that is more difficult than any standard around the world, under deep control and verification especially TOTO products checking 100% of every single piece.

Based on the TOTO Global Environmental Vision, will realize a Green Factory that is environmentally friendly, utilizing the most advanced technologies and knowledge of the TOTO Group, making efforts to achieve zero industrial drainage by using reclaimed wastewater, installing sensor LED lights activated by human movement to save electric power, installing a cutting-edge tunnel kiln that is highly energy efficient, increasing burning rate by using remained heat from tunnel kiln, and installing the gas scrubber used for the treatment of waste gas pollution. In Thailand, there is no law enforcement to install the gas scrubber, but this installing is according to TOTO group policy. All of these can guarantee that TOTO group aims to continuously invent and develop environmentally friendly products.

Mr.Takayasu Shimada Vice President of TOTO (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. announces that TOTO group has a desire to revolutionize sanitary world. Elegant design is harmoniously combined with intelligent functions and advanced innovations. TOTO group releases new NEOREST series – luxury and smart toilet series – which is equipped with advanced technologies to provide users the greatest comfort. There are 3 models of new NEOREST; 1. NEOREST AH – The linear design of this full-cover toilet accentuates any modern space with an exquisite sense of harmony. 2. NEOREST RH – The softly rounded silhouette creates a sense of serenity that harmonizes with a wide variety of spaces. And 3. NEOREST DH – Minimalist design is smartly inviting and attractive in spaces of all shapes and sizes. All 3 models are extraordinary in flushing system called TORNADO FLUSH which washes 360° inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl using less water. CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Using no chemicals or cleaning agents, EWATER+ is a type of antibacterial water that sanitizes the wand and toilet bowl where waste and bacteria tend to accumulate and produce stains that can become permanent. In addition, there are hospitality functions such as AUTO OPEN / CLOSE LID, soft light, and AUTO FLUSH. All functions are controlled by remote control.

Moreover, TOTO releases 4 new models of WASHLET+ with AUTO FLUSH. There are CW923UW8, CW188UW8, CW887UW8, and CW889UW8. All connecting pipes and cords are harmoniously hidden inside the smooth encasement. WASHLET+ is loaded with amenities that bring comfort and ease to daily life such as cleansing wand, DEODORIZER, WARM AIR DRYING and HEATED SEAT. Inviting features turn the daily ritual into a time of relaxation and harmony.

“TOTO is confident that Thailand’s potential is continuously growing. In 2018, TOTO group’s global sales is 174 billion baht. Sales proportion is; Japan = 125 billion baht, overseas = 40 billion baht, and new business domains = 8 billion baht. In 2019, TOTO Thailand targets to grow not less than 20% per annum.” said Mr.Hiroyuki.




About TOTO

TOTO Ltd. was established in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan. TOTO is Japan’s first and biggest sanitary product manufacturer in Japan. For over 100 years, TOTO is accepted as manufacture of technologically advanced and well-designed products that enhances bathroom luxurious experience. TOTO has dedicated its product research and development to meet people’s need and product that are environmentally sustainable. The company’s philosophy is to create an enriched and comfortable lifestyle, fulfilled with excellent service for everyone in the world. Thus, every employee abide by this philosophy from Owner, engineering and designing to selling process to ensure that TOTO brand will provide innovation and technologies that will improve customer’s quality of living. TOTO has won numerous domestic as well as international awards and is widely accepted worldwide. The company will continue to uplift the industry standard and hopes that customers will continue to enjoy TOTO technology in the bathroom. TOTO believes that high-quality products will create new experience and enhances customers’ lifestyle.





November 2009 TOTO MANUFACTURING (Thailand) CO.,LTD. (TMT) established in Saraburi.
October 2013 Sales office established in Bangkok.
July 2015 Company name changed to TOTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD
March 2017 Opened TOTO Technical Center Bangkok.
May 2017 TOTO (THAILAND)’s factory 2 established in Saraburi.
May 2018 TOTO (THAILAND)’s factory 3 established in Saraburi.


TOTO (Thailand)

Company name TOTO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
President Hiroyuki Suzuki
Business Manufacture and distribute products
Address 77 Moo 5, T.Nong Plamor, A.Nongkhae, Saraburi, Thailand 18140
Area Est. 100,000 sqm. *excluding TOTO (Thailand)’s Factory 3

TOTO | Global Environmental Vision

TOTO Global Environmental Vision

The TOTO Group has formulated the Global Environmental Vision to deepen its activities to tackle environmental and social issues in regions around the world. TOTO chooses to counter those problems using 6 methods. TOTO will also develop know-hows of conserving water that has been cultivated over many years since the company’s foundation and devoted to preserve the environmental resources.

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