[ TOTO Customer’s Voice ] Khun Thatchaphol Sirawattanamongkhol #Review

❝ Personally, I like a toilet with a comfortable seat,smart functions, and modern design. TOTO has it all. All I can say that "TOTO is the best". The best of design and automatic technology. ❞ By Khun Thatchaphol Sirawattanamongkhol.


[ TOTO Customer’s Voice ] Khun Thatchaphol Sirawattanamongkhol #Review



TOTO: How did you know TOTO?

Khun Thatchaphol: When I’ve stayed in Japan hotels. Whether it’s a traditional Japanese hotel (Ryokan) or a five-star hotel, I saw that almost all of them use TOTO products. I’ve tried an automatic toilet seat. And also AUTO FLUSH. I think that It’s advanced technology. It’s very effective. It definitely cleans every spot inside the toilet. Thus, I’m very impressed with TOTO brand.


TOTO: Why did you choose TOTO products for your home?

Khun Thatchaphol: When I decide to buy the toilet, I focus on 2 main points. 1. A comfortable seat 2. A modern design. But when we choose a comfortable toilet, the problem is its old fashioned design. But when we choose a modern design or luxury design, you can find that it’s very uncomfortable. However, I’ve ever tried TOTO products at the showroom. I have 2 main points when I decide to buy the toilet. TOTO has both. The first point is a comfortable seat. The second is its modern design. So I can say that TOTO is my best choice.


รูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก คุณ ธัชพล ศิรวัฒนามงคล

The toilet picture was from Khun Thatchaphol Sirawattanamongkhol


TOTO: Could you please tell us how you feel about TOTO products?

Khun Thatchaphol: Of course, I’m very impressed. I never feel disappointed in TOTO products. TOTO is my best decision. In my opinion, the definition of TOTO is… All I can say is that “TOTO is the best”. The best of design and automatic technology.



Thank you very much Khun Thatchaphol Sirawattanamongkhol.

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