[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Shambhala Grand Villa #รีวิว

❝ I'm impressed with TOTO products quality, and luxury design, including, TOTO's prompt service. ❞


[ TOTO Customer’s Voice ] Khun Panupong Kritchanarat (Shambhala Grand Villa) #Review


TOTO: Could you please tell us about your business?

Khun Panupong: Hello, I’m Panupong. Before I started the real estate business, I’ve worked in the fields of banking and strategic planning. Then I worked with Khun Boon Yongsakul, and we co-founded our company together, Boat Pattana. For the inspiration of starting the Shambhala Grand Villa project, both Khun Boon and me, we have our own hotel business. We thought about the trend of living in the future, that we have planned before the COVID-19 situation, customers would not want to stay in the square room like a box anymore. We would like to offer customers the freedom of living. When you travel with your friend, you can join and stay together.


The picture of Shambhala Grand Villa

The picture of Shambhala Grand Villa


TOTO: Do you take the part in making decisions for product choosing in your project?

Khun Panupong: As the CEO of the company, I will be involved in every part. However, we have the specific team to take care of each part. I will decide in the final step.


TOTO: Why did you choose TOTO for your project?

Khun Panupong: I have visited Japan often, and have tried TOTO at hotels and the airport. I felt that “It’s great”. Our best Hi-End project used TOTO products, Deva Escape. I stayed in the project too, and I requested for TOTO products. When I actually use it every day, I see many differences between TOTO and the others clearly. Moreover, the service team responds so fast. After calling them in the morning, they came in the afternoon. To be considered, other brands’ service may not be as fast. That’s the important point for making the decision to choose TOTO toilets. After we finished our best Hi-End project, we used TOTO in other High-End projects too.


The picture of Shambhala Grand Villa

The picture of Shambhala Grand Villa


TOTO: Could you please tell us how you feel about TOTO products?

Khun Panupong: I’m impressed with TOTO’s quality, the product design that is beautiful, and also the service.


TOTO: Before we leave, what would you like to say to audiences?

Khun Panupong: If you would like to have the second home, that have someone who takes care of it, and when you’re not at home, you still get some profits. When you travel to Phuket, you have your own house that you don’t need to book the hotel. In addition, the house is located in a good location in Phuket. For TOTO, it’s a very good product. We would like you to try TOTO products, in many places. Then try to find the difference between TOTO and other brands. If you would like to see how good their service is, probably you have to try by yourself. Thank you.


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One Piece Toilet (CW688U)


Thank you Khun Panupong Kritchanarat

Chief Executive Officer

Shambhala Grand Villa


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