[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Satitanekchai Family #Review

❝ Hygiene, comfort, and advanced technologies, Only TOTO can provide us. Thumbs Up! ❞ 👍 Thank you Satitanekchai Family.


[ TOTO Customer’s Voice] Satitanekchai Family #Review



TOTO: How did you know TOTO?

Khun Somchai: We’ve been TOTO customers for a long time. We’ve built this house since 5 years ago. We use TOTO in all bathrooms. In the middle of 2019, Me and my family visited Japan. We found TOTO automatic toilets, both in hotels and parks. We used and felt that it’s very comfortable and clean.

Khun Ladda: In the park, which was crowded, the toilet floor still stayed clean. It’s not dirty. I liked it. I thought that… “We should have one!” I’ve told my husband since we were in Japan that “Mr. Somchai, the first thing you need to do when we go back to Thailand… is to buy WASHLET for us.”


ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก ครอบครัว สาธิตอเนกชัย

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก ครอบครัว สาธิตอเนกชัย


TOTO: Why did you choose TOTO products for your home?

Khun Somchai: As my wife has told me, I searched for product information and we’ve already used TOTO toilets. After we found TOTO in Japan parks, even public spaces use TOTO. While, our family members are less than that, so we think that TOTO would be durable. “Do you agree with me?”

Khun Ladda: Apart from cleanliness and durability  which even public spaces use it,

TOTO provides our family the ultimate hygiene. That’s why we choose “TOTO”.

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก ครอบครัว สาธิตอเนกชัย

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก ครอบครัว สาธิตอเนกชัย


TOTO: Could you please tell us how you feel about TOTO products?

Khun Somchai: We went to TOTO booth at the dealer, and bought WASHLET. After paying, the dealer said that the service team would install it for us. At first, we thought that it might be the dealer‘s technician.However, TOTO has made us an appointment. TOTO technician installed it perfectly. That’s beyond our expectation.

Khun Ladda: After we used it, we found that … Apart from cleanliness which our floor doesn’t get dirty, it provides us more comfort by using a remote control. We don’t have to make a move for grabbing a hand held bidet sprayer anymore.

Khun Somchai: TOTO is a classic, convenient, and durable toilet. Thumbs up!

Khun Ladda: For me, TOTO is cleanliness, comfort, and high technologies. I’m impressed with TOTO.

Thank you Satitanekchai Family.

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