[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Sutee Limpanachaipornkul #Review

❝ Personally, I think that TOTO is meticulous. They truly care in each details. Almost all projects of NYE Estate use TOTO. ❞ Thank you Khun Sutee Limpanachaipornkul.


[ TOTO Customer’s Voice ] Khun Sutee Limpanachaipornkul 


TOTO: Could you please tell us your story in the real estate industry?

Khun Sutee: I have graduated from USA, and come back from USA since 2002. I’ve worked in the real estate industry such as residential fields, offices, commercial buildings, and hotels. I’ve learned about customers’ needs from many parts, many groups.


TOTO: Do you take the part in making decisions for material choosing in your projects?

Khun Sutee: For product beauty, we have a product development team who takes care of this part. And about product taste, it’s the duty of the marketing and product team. Such as choosing product color and so on. However, for sanitary ware products, and elevators, I would like to be the part of making decisions. Once, the marketing team would like to see some products. They asked to visit TOTO Japan. Marketing team has chosen by themselves. When we decided to cooperate with our partner, we went to Japan for that reason.

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก โครงการ KRAAM Sukhumvit 26

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก โครงการ KRAAM Sukhumvit 26

TOTO: What are factors that affect the decision to buy sanitary ware?

Khun Sutee: There are few main factors. The first factor is … design. Since they’re luxury projects, we are concerned about the taste of product design. The second factor is the product itself. For example, I care about the toilet in deep detail. Even, flushing system, I think about how it will flush effectively. Hygienic technologies are also in my concern. Especially, when you have worked in the field of hotels before, you would have known that in the high-level hotels, they are concerned about hygiene. However, residential customers aren’t concerned about hygiene that much. They use it only for their family and their own. By the way, the materials of  an automatic toilet seat and the systems must be hygienic.


TOTO: What are the projects that use TOTO products?

Khun Sutee: Park Ventures and The Okura Prestige Bangkok use TOTO, both office zone and hotel zone. Almost all projects use TOTO. Parc Priva, Quarter 3 locations, and KRAAM also use TOTO.


ห้องน้ำจาก โครงการ THE QUARTER 39 (ควอเตอร์ 39)

ขอขอบคุณรูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก โครงการ THE QUARTER 39 (ควอเตอร์ 39)


TOTO: Why did you choose TOTO products?

Khun Sutee: Personally, I think that “TOTO” is… meticulous. For example, when other brands design urinals, you need to install the partitions. But that’s not necessary for TOTO urinals. It offers you a private space by itself. TOTO truly cares about each detail.


TOTO: Before we leave, what would you like to say to your customers?

Khun Sutee: We care in every detail, when we create our products. Our success is not only to create products to sell, but we hope that our customers will be happy when they live in our projects. Somehow, they might tell their friends about that. We want our brand to grow sustainably.



❝ Personally, I think that TOTO is meticulous. They truly care in each details. Almost all projects of NYE Estate use TOTO. ❞

Thank you Khun Sutee Limpanachaipornkul.

The president of NYE Estate Co., Ltd.

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