[TOTO Customer’s Voice] Khun Jamjuree Cherdchom #Review

❝ I was impressed in TOTO products, because I've known its popularity for a long time. I trust in TOTO quality. The most important points of toilet are ... Convenience • Comfort • Cleanliness ❞ By Khun Jamjuree Cherdchom


[ TOTO Customer’s Voice ] Khun Jamjuree Cherdchom #Review



TOTO: How did you know TOTO?

Khun Jamjuree: I’ve known TOTO since I’ve travelled to Japan. It’s very innovative more than our country. Every time I travelled to Japan, I saw TOTO. I was so impressed. Since then, I was interested in TOTO.


TOTO: Why did you choose TOTO products for your home?

Khun Jamjuree: Actually, our house is a classic style. We have used classic style toilets before. However, when we change something, it’s definitely different from the old one. How can we know that we choose “the right one” ? When we think about “The Automatic Toilet’‘, it should be TOTO? I discussed it with my husband. “It should be TOTO, right?” Because TOTO automatic toilets are truly high quality products, It should be TOTO only.


รูปภาพห้องน้ำจาก คุณ จามจุรี เชิดโฉม

The toilet picture was from Khun Jamjuree Cherdchom


TOTO: Could you please tell us how you feel about TOTO products?

Khun Jamjuree: After we installed our first TOTO automatic toilet. Firstly, we want only one automatic toilet. However, when we used TOTO, it was so good. So we ordered 2 more. The most important point of the TOTO automatic toilet is… “Convenience, Cleanliness, Comfort.” All of these are TOTO. We can feel exactly that it does change our life. What we have chosen can provide us a better living. Why don’t we choose it?



Thank you very much Khun Chamchuree

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