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world of learning with the showcase of TOTO’s latest products and innovations.

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TOTO Technical Center Bangkok includes a small library which is a collection of resources and knowledge: history, business concept, as well as the product designs development from the past to present. Moreover, visitors are also be able to research worldwide architectural designs, and bathroom production manual


Technology zone tests the quality of TOTO’s technological innovations such as Tornado Flush with a 9 meter pipe, equipments inside WASHLET through half cut toilet, mechanical system of the shower columns, and more.


By the end of the tour, clients will be able to understand the concept of technologies that TOTO developed. Additionally, clients will also have the opportunity to experience TOTO innovative technology through hands-on experience from the experience rooms. The experience rooms are divided into two, Neorest Experience Room and Shower Experience Room, which include products in Neorest collection and shower sets, respectively.


TOTO Technical Center Bangkok showcases a variety of TOTO products sold domestically including bathtubs, sanitary fitting, toilet, lavatory, urinals, auto faucets, hand dryer, and more. Visitors can try to mix and match the faucets and bathtubs as well as faucets and lavatories as preferred before purchasing. TOTO recognize the importance of hygiene, cleanliness and saving water, thus, TOTO toilets are made up of unique qualities.


The Universal Design zone comprises of 3 universal design mock-up restrooms, Multi-purpose toilet, Elderly & Hospital bathroom, and Space Laboratory. The mock-ups allow clients to see and understand the functions and design of the restrooms.


TOTO Technical Center Bangkok has meeting and seminar room for hosting seminar and presentation.