”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award

”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award -Its design and advanced technology receives international recognition-

TOTO LTD. (Headquarters: Kita-Kyushu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture; President: Noriaki Kiyota) won an award at the world-class Green Good Design Awards 2021 for its Touchless Faucet. The awards are presented to products with an environmentally friendly design and innovative technology.  It was the fifth time for TOTO to win this award, with a total of six TOTO products winning this award in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2021. Also, this was the second time the award was presented for a Touchless Faucet. The first time was in 2016.


The Green Good Design Awards are an international environment award with the goal of enhancing people’s environmental awareness globally by evaluating excellent environmentally friendly designs that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. The special judges evaluate and present awards to governments, companies, organizations, individuals such as architects and designers, individual products, examples of architecture, and technology. Our Touchless Faucet won the award because of the judges’ high evaluation of TOTO’s environmental-conscious cutting-edge technologies and attitude toward manufacturing.


The TOTO Group has established its common value creation strategy, TOTO WILL 2030, with the themes of clean and comfortable, the environment, and connections to people to contribute to the environment through TOTO kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets and position TOTO’s unique products that achieve a clean and comfortable and environment as sustainable products. By ensuring the global penetration of our sustainable products including Touchless Faucet, we will contribute to realizing an environmentally friendly, affluent, and comfortable society.



Award category: Green Product/Graphic Design

Award-winning products: Touchless Faucet


Target Products for overseas sale:

Touchless Faucets

(All series:1.3L/min., 2 L/min., and 4 L/min.)

Various regions around the world (China, Asia, US, and Europe)

Products for domestic sale

Touchless Faucets

(Released in May 2021, 2L/min.)

Images ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 1 ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 2 ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 3 ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 4
Contemporary Type Contemporary Type (Square) B Type
Evaluation Touchless Faucet realizes both water and energy conservation and a sanitary environment. Its environmental performance and design being in harmony with the spaces they are installed in was praised.



              The parent organization, the Good Design Awards, has a long history in the design industry, established by Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., in Chicago in 1950. They are world-class awards that are respected alongside the iF Design Award (since 1953) and the Red Dot Award (since 1955). ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 5
              The Green Good Design Awards began contributing to the development of sustainable design in 2009. Its goal is to enhance people’s awareness of the environment by evaluating environmentally friendly and excellent designs. It is organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Architecture and Design Museum (USA) and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies (Ireland).


– Please see the following website for more information about the Green Good Design Awards 2021:
https://www.good-designawards.com/green-good-design-winners/– Chicago Athenaeum website:www.chi-athenaeum.org/


◇ TOTO’s History of Green Good Design Award

2015 Air-in *1 Over Head Shower ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 6
2016 Water Saving Toilets : Clean & Green Technologies

Automatic faucet Series: Water-Saving & Generation Technologies

”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 7”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 8
2018 Hygiene & Comfort Toilet Seat WASHLET™*2 equipped with “EWATER+” ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 9
2020 Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor ”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 10

1, 2 “Air-In” และ “WASHLET” are registered trademarks of TOTO LTD.

Touchless Faucet features

1.     Water conserving performance

Simply hovering your hand under the faucet will supply or stop water, preventing you from forgetting to turn off the faucet and resulting in excellent water saving performance.

It employs a water saving technology that increases the air mix rate to realize comfortable hand washing with a low flowrate. Compared to traditional double lever faucets, the product is capable of reducing the amount of water used approximately 84 (for the 2 L/min model).

”Touchless Faucet” Receives 2021 Green Good Design Award 11
2.   EWATER+” stays clean longer and keeps the drain clean

Produced by electrolysis of the chloride ion in drinking water, it is completely free of chemicals and cleaning agents. Over time EWATER+ returns to its original state of ordinary water, making it completely environmentally friendly.

3.     No power supply is required for the Power

The touchless faucets are operated by power generated using the flow of water. No power supply is required, so they are recommended for remodeling. Since there are no restrictions on the minimum number of uses per day required for power generation, they can be installed with security regardless of conditions of the site.

Regarding the recommendation to use Touchless products for hygienic toilet spaces that can be used with security

The national government (JAPAN) has published example practices for the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic that recommend that hands be washed sufficiently, etc.

TOTO is continually expanding its product lines that feature automatic and Touchless functionality to propose new value in comfortable lives by creating hygienic toilet spaces that can be used with security. We recommend using ‘Touchless Faucet’, ‘Automatic soap dispenser’, ‘Wall Hung Urinal with Built-in Sensor and WASHLET (Toilet lids that open and close automatically. Automated flushing and deodorizing.), etc. in toilets and lavatories. We continue to propose hygienic products that can be used with security.

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